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3040 NE Saber Drive
Bend, Or 97701
Phone: 541-382-2710
Hours: M-F 7am-5:30pm

Our South Bend Location:
1715 SE Riviera Drive
Bend, Or 97702
Phone: 541-914-1705

About Little Beez Preschool and Childcare

At Little Beez Preschool and Childcare, we offer many appropriate educational programs to help ensure that your child is ready for the challenges of kindergarten, elementary school and beyond. To help your child become more familiar with technology, we use the iPad as a recourse for our new technology familiarity programs. While it is important to learn, children love to play inside and outside in our large park like setting.

We support the belief that play is child's work. While playing, children may learn about themselves and others while enjoying the world around them. Having a nurturing, stimulating environment where your child can feel safe to explore and express themselves will aid in their intellectual and emotional development as they grow.

To make sure your child is well prepared for kindergarten, we communicate with parents to ensure your family goals are met. When we are developing a child, we must understand that learning must make sense from a child's perspective. Through the use of puzzles, block play, and a variety of hands on activities we can direct and teach early competency in math, English and other early childhood development skills. At this point their self-esteem will grow as their skills and abilities mature.

At Little Beez Preschool in Bend, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child and their individual learning style. We create a community of respect and mutual responsibility for each other which supports a sense of connectedness for your child. In our safe and supportive environment, children can thrive at the highest level to foster individual competencies for your child's future success.

Let Little Beez help your child reach their full potential to the benefit of their self esteem and future social competence.

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